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What is Motor Trade Insurance ?

This type cover is applicable to a multitude of various business scenarios ranging from  a self employed mobile car mechanic or car trader, a car valeting  to a car dealer network business. Regardless of the type of business comparing the market is one step in finding a good deal on insurance to cover your business. We can assist by providing multiple quotes from a panel of select UK brokers and underwriters  

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Mobile Mechanics

Are you a mechanic that provides a mobile call our service for cars , vans or HGV   Lorries?  If the answer is yes we can provide multiple quotes from top UK brokers that specialise in providing mobile mechanic insurance  for traders like you. 

Part Time Traders

Part time traders insurance is a popular choice for traders that work part time in this lucrative dealer business. They like full time traders need protection for their business by taking out adequate insurance to protect them against accidental damage to customer vehicles including damage by fire and theft. We can help by providing multiple quotes from multiple UK brokers exclusive to this niche.

Motor Cycle Traders

If your business involves trading in motorcycles you will need adequate cover at an affordable price. We can help you compare deals on motorcycle traders insurance online.  How? When you select the FAST quote option we will distribute your insurance requirements to a panel of top UK underwriters, who in turn will provide you via email with an individual quote. 

Under 25?

Go and start comparing the costs for insuring under 25 traders insurance with 100 plus UK based specialist underwriters and get quotes in minutes , all online and by completing one simple inquiry from.  We have a panel of UK brokers that deal excusively in providing traders insurance for the under 25's.

Van Traders

Need van traders insurance? We have access to multiple UK insurance brokers that can provide exactly that. How? Simply select fast quotes and after completing an online form you will start to receive comparative quotes.

Tyre & Exhaust 

Road Risk

We can help find you a good deal on road risk insurance by proving multiple quotes by simply completing one online inquiry form.


Combined motor trade insurance can be costly and it is always best to compare the current product that are available in the marketplace. We do just that simply complete one form and get multiple quotes. 

Tyre & Exhaust 

Compare Traders Insurance

Select FAST Quote to get Multiple Quotes from Specialist Mobile Mechanic Insurance providers

Frequently Questions on Motor Trade Insurance

What  levels of motor trade Insurance are available ?

THIRD PARTY : The basic no frills option is Third Party cover. This gives you the necessary cover to legally run your business. In essence it covers the cost of any damages to a third party only. In plain English it does not provide any cover for your possible indemnities such as damage to your vehicle's, legal costs or damage to your place of work. 

THIRD PARTY FIRE & THEFT: One step up from third party this adds extra cover for damage to your vehicles by fire and theft.

COMPREHENSIVE:  As the name implies it is comprehensive covering all above plus any  damage to your own business. To repeat you will get all the benefits of the above two options plus protection for your own autos,  even if you or an employee is  responsible for the causing the damage.

What is Motor Trade Insurance?

Motor Trade Insurance also referred to as Road Risk Insurance is cover specific to a business that deals with van, cars, motorbikes and minibuses. Examples include dealers who buy and sell cars, mechanics that offer a repairing and servicing service,  a garage or MOT centre. Traders can be either full or part time and policies are available to both of these trader categories.

We cover many industries below is a list of just some of them:
  • Valeters Insurance
  • Garage Insurance
  • Motor Dealers Insurance
  • Tyre Fitters Insurance
  • Mobile Mechanic
  • Tyre Fitters Insurance
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