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What is  Sole Trader Insurance ?

Many types of trades exist typical examples include motor traders and bike traders. Whichever trade you are in we can provide you with multiple traders insurance quotes. We can assist by providing multiple car trader insurance quotes from a panel of select UK brokers and underwriters. To get started select the FAST quote option below and complete one simply online form. The result will be multiple quotes which you can compare to find one that best meets your business needs.

What is Car Trade Insurance?

Car trader insurance also referred to as road risk Insurance is cover specific to a business that deals with van, cars, motorbikes and minibuses. Examples include dealers who buy and sell cars, mechanics that offer a repairing and servicing service, a garage or MOT center. Car traders can be either full or part time and policies are available to both of these trader categories.

What levels of motor trade Insurance are available ?

THIRD PARTY : The basic option is Third Party cover. This gives you the necessary cover to legally run your business. In essence it covers the cost of any damage to a third party only. In plain English it does not provide any cover for your possible indemnities such as damage to your vehicle's, legal costs or damage to your place of work.

THIRD PARTY FIRE & THEFT: One step up from third party this adds extra cover for damage to your vehicles by fire and theft.

COMPREHENSIVE: This covers all above plus any damage to your own business. To repeat you will get all the benefits of the above two options plus protection for your own autos, even if you or one of your employee's is responsible for causing the damage.

Are you eligible to apply for Trade Insurance

Many underwriters will require solid proof that you  qualify for motor trade insurance. This boils down to be able to prove by way of receipts that you do buy or sell motors, repair or valet vehicles or are involved in the transport of vehicles. This is not a question of are you full time or part-time trader, but that you actively operate within the motor trade industry and that you can provide proof of this 

What Traders Insurance can cover

  • Part time traders insurance is a popular choice for traders that work part time in this lucrative dealer business. They, like full time traders need protection for their business. Get protected by taking out adequate insurance to protect your business against accidental damage to customer vehicles including damage by fire and theft. We can help by providing multiple quotes from multiple UK brokers exclusive to this niche.
  • under 25 traders insurance:  We work in partnership with QuoteSearcher so you can compare quotes from multiple fleet insurance brokers making sure that you get a wider selection of cover options.
  • Find out more about van traders insurance and how it can be used to lower your insurance bills. We have partnered with QuoteSearcher whose partners are able to help, by providing multiple quotes
  • If your business involves trading in motorcycles you will need adequate cover at an affordable price. We can help you compare deals on motorcycle traders insurance.
  • Van traders insurance
  • We can help find you a good deal on road risk insurance by proving multiple quotes by simply completing one online inquiry form.
  • Sole trader insurance is aimed at those that run their own business as the sole owner. The core cover will consist of public liability and professional indemnity. If you have employees one or more ( part time or full time ) you will also need by law employers liability cover

Traders insurance is available for part time trader and full time traders. traders that trade from home or from business premises. A wide range of options are available from a range of brokers that include LV ( Liverpool Victoria) , Tradewise Aviva Tradex abd Covea to name a few. Read more below.

Some ways to reduce your traders insurance premium

  • Consult with your broker to insure that you are only paying for cover that you need. Be careful not to under insure.
  • Brokers will charge a higher premium if you are dealing with high performance , classic or HGV vehicles. If you do not deal with these categories make you broker aware.
  • If possible reduce the number of vehicles that you have registered with the MID at any point in time. This can be an effective way to make a substantial reduction to your quoted premium.
  • Make sure all vehicles are stored in a secure location or garage.Improving security and buildings will always result in a better quote. 
  • If possible employ drivers over 25 with a clean driving record.
  • Increase the excess, the amount that you are responsible for in the event of a claim.
  • Valeters Insurance
  • Garage Insurance
  • Motor Dealers Insurance
  • Tyre Fitters Insurance
  • Mobile Mechanic
  • Tyre Fitters Insurance

Compare a range of quotes from a panel of exclusive brokers

We work with a wide range of insurance brokers that offer policies that can be tailored to your exact business requirements. This means that the cover provided is not in excess of your actual requirements. This means that you only pay for the cover that you need. This is true for both full time or a part-time traders.

Compare  Traders Insurance

Protect your Traders Business today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.