What is Traders Insurance ?

This is normally referred to as motor trade insurance, but it covers van and bike traders. If your business is related to the motor transport industry for example a mobile mechanic then we can offer provide you with comparative quotes. 

What is professional indemnity (PI) ?

If as a sole trader you provide advice or provide a professional service for example as an architect, indemnity cover will cover your legal costs and pay out compensation to the client to fix the resulting damage

Is professional indemnity insurance mandatory?

The regulatory requirements of your industry will dictate if you require PI. Typical industries that it is mandatory include, but is not limited to engineering, surveying and accountancy. In addition professions that work on a consulting or contractual basis such as an IT contractor or business consultants will normally only be offered work if they have professional indemnity cover in place,

What types of traders insurance can you provide

Below we have listed the most common insurance products requested. If yours is not on the list we most likely can provide you with comparative quotes.

  • Road Risk Only
  • Combined Premises
  • Windscreen and Tyre Fitters Insurance
  • Mobile Mechanics Insurance
  • Valeters Insurance
  • Tyre Fitters Insurance and Windscreen Fitters

Do you provide under 25 trader insurance

We can offer comparative quotes for under 25 traders insurance. This will be more expensive than over 25, but it does come with higher risks to the broker.

How Much Is Motor Trade Insurance?

Naturally the costs will depend on a number of factors. Below we have separated out the main factors that go towards deciding the costs of your trader policy.

Compare Traders Insurance

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