Compare Motor Trade Insurance for Convicted Drivers

Motor Trade Insurance for Convicted Drivers

If you need motor trade insurance for a previous driving conviction start by comparing the costs over multiple UK brokers. We can assisyt in this important step by sharing your motor trade insurance with a select panel of UK underwriters.

Convicted drivers and motor trade insurance doesn’t have to be the sore subject you may have always thought it was. More than 5% of the drivers in the UK do indeed have penalty points on their licence. This figure can rise up to 20% if you take into account that four year period that insurance companies are obliged to consider. A Motor Trade business can be the lifeblood of not only your family’s income but also that of your employees. If you’re unable to obtain affordable convicted drivers and motor trade insurance that will combine premises and road risks cover, your company’s turnover could very well be hit dramatically.

Motor Trade insurance can be quite a confusing subject even at the best of times. When you add in convictions, whether they’re motoring or criminal, to the mix and it all can become a little bit daunting.

  • Minor Motoring Convictions

The majority of all minor motoring convictions will remain clearly visible to the DVLA for a period of three years; from either when the offence took place or from the date of conviction. It’s a fact that the most common speeding offences (SP30) will follow this format. These specific convictions will remain on your driving licence for a four year period.

  • Serious Motoring Convictions

The more serious motoring convictions such as drinking and driving charges (DR10) will remain active for a much longer time. They can remain on your licence for up to eleven years.

Compare Motor Trade Insurance for Convicted Drivers

Totting Up

A common misconception that once a ban for numerous points has been received, which is known as ‘totting up’ (TT99), your driving licence is clean. These instances most often lead to a six month driving ban and usually happen when twelve points have been accumulated. Instead of your licence being ‘clean’ after the ban, the information will remain for four years from the actual conviction date.

Make Sure You Always Tell Your Broker About All Convictions

It is always best to be honest with your provider right from the start if you’re not sure about any convictions or issues you may have. Your policy may become invalid should hold back information. Insurers don’t look favourably on a customer who holds convictions back. It is more than likely that your premium will rise at the very least

Criminal Convictions

Criminal convictions are relevant when you are applying for motor trade insurance, and they always should be disclosed to your broker. If there are even any tiny relevant material facts that relate to your conviction, you should tell your insurer who will then determine whether they are relevant or not.

Contact Your Broker

If you do indeed have any motoring convictions or criminal convictions and you’re looking to take out a Motor Trade insurance policy, the best thing you can do is disclose everything right up front from the very start. This will prevent problems later. If you are not sure, then the absolute best thing to do is ask. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Compare Motor Trade Insurance for Convicted Drivers