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Motor Traders Insurance for under 25 and under 21

Are you an under 25 driver? If so, chances are that you’ve been getting astronomical premium quotes from other providers. Your search for an affordable policy ends here. We can help by providing you with multiple quotes from a select panel of UK brokers. Under 25 is a very specialist market and we have the capacity to provide the best cover for drivers under 21 and under 25.

Over the years young traders protection has been difficult to find. However, this is no more. With a comparative service you can easily find a cover that is right within your budget without having to do the hard work on your own. Simply complete the online form and your insurance requirements will be sent automatically to a panel of over 100 underwriters that specialise in provide competitive quotes for under 25 traders insurance.

under 25 traders insurance

If you are tired of the high quotes for under 25 cover, things are bound to change. Our partners are highly rated and provide custom quotes for our customers. 

Comparing the market is the first step in finding a policy that ticks all the boxes in regards to your individual requirements.We recommend also comparing prices come renewal time as some brokers may have special offers to attract new customers.   

Compare Under 25 Traders Insurance

Protect your business today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

Under 25 Motor Traders Policies Available

  • Cover available whether you are working part-time or fulltime. We will get you a quote whether you are working from home or a premises.
  • Multiple persons cover. You can have one more person covered in your under 25 insurance.
  • Get lower premiums. If you have a car bonus on an existing policy, your premiums can be lowered.
  • Lower deposit. Get better finance rates by offering a deposit. Choose from our competitive quotes to get the best deal.
  • Competitive quotes. Get multiple quotes from the top insurers in UK. You are guaranteed the best deal in the market.

Under 25 Normally Equates to Higher Premiums

Anyone that works in the motor trade industry, whether it be full or part time can avail themselves of the protection of with Motor Traders insurance. Young drivers are classed as ‘higher risk’ by providers for private car insurance. Typically young motor traders are charged a higher premium for Motor Trader insurance policies, based on that very same risk.

This is due to the fact that statistically speaking young drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident. The greater the chance of an accident, the greater the chance that an insurance company will need to pay out. This results in higher premium costs.

It’s unfortunate, but youth does indeed have its downfalls, one of which is having to pay out slightly more for obtaining Motor Trade insurance. Don’t let this deter you from starting up your own business, in the industry.

You very well may find that initially, restrictions are going to apply to your under 25 Motor Trade insurance policy to such things as to driving vehicles with a limited engine capacity, or maybe having held a UK driving licence for a specified period of time. Most often, these will be reviewed come renewal time.

Even with all of these issues, it’s still possible to find cheap under-25 Motor Trade insurance. Just as is the case with any other type of insurance, it’s important to shop around and learn what is available.

Get Multiple Online Quotes  Today

We put you in touch with the experts within the under 25 motor trader insurance niche market, we have a panel of over 100 reputable UK underwriters that will provide you with online quote within minutes of submitting your business cover requirements. When you fill our online form, we will generate a competitive quote based on the information you provide. Our years of operation have enabled us build strong relationship with several specialist brokers who offer our customers preferential quotes you won’t find elsewhere in the market.

Don’t be stuck with a policy that does not address your needs. Get the best cover for young  traders by filling the online form on our website today.

Compare Under 25 Traders Insurance

Protect your Business today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.