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Compare Part Time Traders Insurance

Protect your Traders Business today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

Compare Part-Time Traders Insurance Quotes 

Looking for a part time traders insurance? Whether you work from home or at a small business, we have cover for you.

FASTTraderinsurance specialises in providing affordable cover for part time traders to protect you from various losses you may incur while doing business. How? Select FAST quote and complete an online form which should take less than a few minutes if you have all the details at hand. After this multiple UK underwriters will provide you with a customised quote to suit your individual needs, compare the costs over multiple brokers is advisable if you wish to find a good deal. 

part time motor trader insurance
  • Cover in case your vehicle is damaged or stolen.
  • Cover for any claims that may arise out of the work you do.
  • Insurance for your customer’s vehicles when you want to road test them.
  • Protection in case the tools or equipment you use are damaged or stolen.
  • Enjoy savings by including your main occupation as an extension to casual trade insurance.

We have a straight-forward online application process that will ensure you get the right cover. Our protection packages are offered by top rated companies in the UK that have been vetted and are trusted by millions of traders. Avoid the hassle usually associated with looking for cover and get multiple quotes now. 

Types of cover available

  • Third Party: This cover will keep any vehicles owned by the business safe. The option allows you to legally work on the vehicle and provides cover in case of third party collision. You can also include fire and theft cover in this option.
  • Comprehensive: Get more protection with this option. This cover will protect you in case you or your employees are involved in a collision that is your fault or not.
  • Combined: This is the most suitable cover if you wish to protect everything related to your business, including assets like premises and vehicles.

All our policies can be tailored to fit the needs of your part time business. When requesting a quote, you will have an option to provide more information about yourself and business. This information will enable the panel of insurance brokers to offer their best quotes.

Some of the Reasone to get Cover From a Specialist Underwriter

  • Easy Claims Process: Like the process of purchasing insurance online , claims are also dealy with electronicallyand thus in a timely manner.
  • Savings: You have a choice of multiple policy options all at different costs , giving you the ability to pick and choose one that meets both your cover needs and is withing your part time traders budget allowance.
  • FAST Online cover: Cover is instant when payment has been processed, all documents are also made available online at the same time that you cover comes into effect. One customer remarked how streamline the whole process was, we ten to agree.

Get Multiple Quotes Today

If you own a business, we understand you don’t have time for a lot of paperwork. However, you still need affordable cover that fits your budget. That’s why we’ve made applying for cover for part time trading insurance simple. 

Request multiple quotes by filling the form on our website. Then simply wait to receive multiple part time traders insurance quotes that match your business and financial requirements from a select panel of UK brokers.

Many times, insurance companies will see part-time traders as a higher risk than those who do it full time. Reason being that they generally aren’t working as often and they are more liable to make mistakes. This can potentially means more claims are going to be made. If you work as car dealer, an example guideline would be being able to prove that you sell at least one car per month. If you occasionally buy cars from auctions, fix them up, and then sell them on more of a hobby basis, then you will not classified as a Motor Trader.

From an insurance perspective, most providers are only interested in how many vehicles you buy and sell during the course of a year. As long as you are able prove that you are trading, by at least attempting to buy and sell vehicles or carrying out repairs, you should have no problem finding cover. In order to obtain a Motor Trade insurance policy, you will need to prove that you are indeed an official motor trader. Providing evidence such as invoices and receipts, is the most common practice. Genuine traders will have no trouble doing this.

Compare Part Time Traders Insurance

Protect your Traders Business today. Compare quotes from multiple brokers.