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road risk insurance

Road Risk Insurance is also known as Motor Trade insurance. It is most often taken out by someone who has a business that has anything to do with cars, motorbikes and vans. Examples of this would be buying and selling motorised vehicles, servicing and repairing, valeting, and running a MOT centre or garage. It does not matter what size your business is, or whether you work part time or full. This type of cover is essential if you wish to operate professionally.

Traders Insurance Third Party Only

By law, Third Party Only cover is required by any business owner if they do repairs, service or restore vehicles, is a vehicle fitter, a valet, or mobile tuner, if they buy and sell vehicles for profit, drive their own vehicle, or that of a customer on the public roadway, keep any of those vehicles on the business premises, or at their place of residence. Any named driver on the Trader Insurance policy is permitted to drive any of the vehicles in relation to the business, and in addition, are covered for any damage that might occur to the other party's vehicle.

Third Party Fire and Theft

Third Party Fire and Theft provides cover for a trader for all of the things mentioned above in Third Party plus it includes cover for the loss or any damage to vehicles that are under the motor trader's control for fire and theft. Third party injury claims, or damages are also covered.


On top and in addition to the things mentioned above in third party and third party, fire and theft, comprehensive cover will also include accidental damages that may occur to any of the vehicles the motor trader owns or has care and custody of.

Compare Road Risk Insurance

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Motor Trade Liability Insurance

This type of cover will include not only public liability and employer's liability, but also sales and service indemnity.

  • Employer's Liability The named motor trader is indemnified should of any employees sustaining an injury.

  • Public Liability The motor trader is indemnified from an injury caused to any member of the public. Also included is loss or damage to another’s property.

  • Sales & Service Indemnity The named motor trader is indemnified for injuries or accidental damage to any property caused by the buying or selling of new or used vehicles, the sale or supply of any product that is directly connected with the motor trade, and the alteration, inspection, maintenance, testing, repair, cleaning or servicing of vehicles is also covered.

The exact type of Motor Trade Insurance will need very much depends upon which area of the motor trade business you operate within. Because this type of cover is so very diverse, take the time to compare providers and quotes, but know in advance this can be a little tricky at times. Do as many are doing, and avail yourself of a knowledgeable broker . Think of them as not just someone with a website and a few insurance company connections, but rather as your ally in obtaining the best cover at the right price.

Combined Motor Trade Insurance

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